Our Approach

The way we do things at CPP

CPP was created to provide a completely new approach to financial management. Although we’ve made sure that our practice has developed in line with modern technology and changing client needs, our ethos has never changed.

We don't think it's enough simply to offer the traditional accountancy services such as bookkeeping, auditing and taxation compliance. We believe in regular personal contact and a close working relationship, aim­ to get right inside your business and understand your corporate culture, and establish your personal aspirations so you maximise benefit from our financial expertise. Read our case studies and client testimonials for examples of how we can help you.

No business can survive, let alone prosper, without access to specialist advice and information on a range of financial matters. Our broad experience, gained from working with companies across a broad spectrum of business sectors, means we can take an informed, independent view of your business and help you tackle any and every situation on the financial horizon.

Medium-sized and small businesses often find it hard to justify the cost of in-depth internal financial management, a full time bookkeeper, an accounts department, payroll manager or financial director. CPP’s client care guarantee, providing a tailored service to fit your precise requirements, means you can now have exactly that.