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At CPP we take pride in making sure that we’re always ahead of the game. Even more importantly, we work hard to ensure that ur clients are aware of regulatory changes, taxation adjustments, budget announcements and how they affect you. Plus for our clients every time the Government makes a budget announcement, or when tax or business regulations change, we endeavour to ensure our clients are informed immediately and are ready to advise on what the changes mean in real terms to them.

Budget March 2016

Following the Chancellor’s Budget in March 2016 we have prepared some guides highlighting the changes which we feel are most likely to affect our clients and which we hope you will find of interest.

Please feel free to contact Peter Ciccone for clarification of any points raised in these guides or for specific advice.

PDF 2016 update newsletter

Growing your business tips - a brief checklist

Maximising the possibility of commanding a premium price for your business

PDF You can read our latest guide, ‘Growing your business tips - a brief checklist’ by clicking on the PDF Logo